R-51 L: Liquid Rust Preventative

R-51 L: Liquid Rust Preventative

Product Code: R-51-L
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A liquid rust inhibitor that may be used in tumbling barrels, vibratory systems, dip tanks, or as a final rinse.  It is odorless, non-foaming, and transparent to permit the ability to work.  No gummy or sticky finish and is not subject to bacterial decomposition of rancidity.


Product Form: Liquid            Product Family: Inhibitors           Appearance: Green Liquid             Odor: Bland             Specific Gravity: 1.16           Ph: (1% Solution) 11


R-51 L can also be used in parts washing equipment.  Suggested concentration is 10% - 15%.  Please contact us for more information.


Do not allow R-51 L to freeze.  Store in environments above 40 degrees F.  Keep container closed when not in use.  It is recommended that the product be tested on the particular metal prior to use.  Since the information is provided without charge, Mechanical Finishing Inc. assumes no liability for the improper use of this product.  No warranty is expressed or implied unless written.  It is the buyers responsibility to determine the quality of use and also that the workplace and disposal practices are in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

Please refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet for specific information about this product.