Passivation and Parts Cleaning

More than 18 million machine parts undergo parts cleaning and/or passivation at our facility every year. You can trust us to thoroughly clean your machine parts, whether it's after heat treatment or before finishing.  


Based on the type of part and needs of the customer, Mechanical Finishers determines which method is best to clean at the least expense to you. Many of our customers have multiple products being washed with different methods.  


Mechanical Finishers offers the following cleaning methods: 



Passivation helps extend the life and function of your components. It removes microscopic impurities from porous material, such as steel, before they become rust. Passivation also removes free iron from a part, which eliminates the number of possible corrosion points, as well as impurities and other oxides from the material's surface to help sterilize, sanitize, or clean the exposed surface. After the passivation process is complete, the material is left with a protective finish while maintaining the required tolerances. Surface contaminants such as free iron are the result of the machining and fabrication of stainless steel. The remaining impurities can cause premature corrosion which will ultimately damage and shorten the life of a part.  


Parts Cleaning 

We offer a variety of washing techniques to remove all greases, oils, or waxes left following the stamping process:  


  • vapor degreasing 

  • ultrasonic cleaning  

  • agitated bath cleaning 

  • grit shot blasting  

  • continuous belt wash, rinse, and blow-dry 


Dunnage Cleaning 

Our dunnage cleaning services can clean returnable dunnage while simultaneously cleaning the parts that are delivered in the returnable containers. We can even handle oily parts and oily dunnage by cleaning both items separately and repacking the dunnage according to packaging requirements. 


Rust Removal 

Have some rusty brackets, hinges, or components on an otherwise well-working part or tool? Mechanical Finishers can remove existing rust without removing the substrate or altering the parts. Several different methods are used to remove rust including chemical or physical treatments. We remove the rust while maintaininyour part integrity and scrap.  


Cleaned Parts Returned in 3 Days 

You need your vendors to have the same sense of urgency you have to get your products to the customer on time. With most average size orders, we can complete parts cleaning and passivation within THREE BUSINESS DAYS—helping you meet the tightest of deadlines. 


Get your parts quality cleaned. Contact us at 1-800-WE-DEBURR. 


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