Who Takes the Time to Do Secondary Finishing Right

Who Takes the Time to Do Secondary Finishing Right?

In today’s business environment multitasking is encouraged; even a way of life. We take on all tasks and do our best to keep everything productive and on target. But when you consider manufacturing products for your customers is it really a good idea to add too many processes—to risk losing focus?

For instance, many manufacturing operations don’t have dedicated staff for secondary processing. It’s an afterthought and, usually, responsibility for it shifts to anyone who has some extra time. Often, their real assignment is a much more critical and skilled job as a machinist or mechanic. For them, secondary processing is a nuisance. For the company, it’s costly.

A better and less expensive alternative is to send your parts to a company that specializes in secondary processing. There are many things to consider when finishing a part. Metal finishing, deburring, passivation and parts cleaning done well require focus and experience that many fabricators lack. What’s worse is that they hand off the chore to higher paid people who use the wrong media, soaps, and compounds to accomplish a properly accurate secondary finish.

Where Is the Value for My Customers?

Wikipedia, citing a study by Degarmo, Black & Kohser 2003, p. 227. says,” In general, the cost of manufacturing a surface increases as the surface finish improves. [2] Any given manufacturing process is usually optimized enough to ensure that the resulting texture is usable for the part's intended application. If necessary, an additional process will be added to modify the initial texture. The expense of this additional process must be justified by adding value in some way—principally better function or longer lifespan. Parts that have sliding contact with others may work better or last longer if the roughness is lower. Aesthetic improvement may add value if it improves the salability of the product."

Parts that are finished with a secondary process look better, fit tighter, and last longer.

It’s Not a Simple Process

If your customer’s parts need to be finished to an exact Ra number, do you even know what that is? Mechanical Finishers does. When you are faced with the decision whether or not to do your own secondary processing consider the following:

·       Do you have the right people for the job?

·       Can you get the work done in a timely manner?

·       Do you have the right machines, media, compounds and soaps to do the job right?

·       Are your customer requirements so precise it requires staff to understand the nuances of finish like the Ra number needed for an exact fit and smooth movement?

It’s not only a complex process but staffing can be complex too. Mechanical Finishers runs two shifts of experienced secondary processing staff to accommodate short turn times. You don’t have to search for people in your operation with a little extra time. Mechanical Finishers stands, ready to help. They use the right equipment, media, compounds, and soaps to get your customer's parts in spec condition. Mechanical Finishers operates two regional facilities covering a large portion of the East and Midwest close to where you need them. If you need to warehouse parts after finishing, they have plenty of storage space at your disposal. Call North Ohio: 440-275-3358 and South Ohio: 513-614-54319 or visit www.mechfin.com.